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Teen Uses College Money to Bury Mom Before Leaving for School


The Short of It

After getting accepted into every Ivy League university, Dellarontay Readus is heartbroken to bury his mom just one month before heading to Stanford.

The Lowdown

Dellarontay was thrilled to get accepted into all of the prestigious universities, and he decided to attend Stanford Univerity this fall because he was offered a full scholarship. The teen dreamed of getting an education and starting a good career, so he could take care of his mom, who has suffered from heart and stomach problems for years.

Unfortunately, Dellarontay's mom passed away from her illnesses just one month before she would have sent her son off to college. The recent high school grad is now using the money he earned working—and had saved to pay for his living expenses while at Stanford—to bury his mother.

The Upshot

Getting into every Ivy League university is a major accomplishment (Remember Harold Ekeh, who also was accepted to them all?! How do these kids do it?), and we are sure that the strength and determination Dellarontay showed to achieve that will continue to serve him well in life. We're so sorry for his loss, but we know this teen will continue to make his mom proud as a Stanford student this fall. Dellarontay's future is bright and the sky's the limit.

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