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Teen's Nosebleed Leads to Her Parents' Cancer Diagnoses

The Short of It

A Texas teen's nosebleed led to her rare kidney disease diagnosis and the discovery that both of her parents had kidney cancer.

The Lowdown

In 2013, then 14-year-old Crystal Enns had a very bad nosebleed that wouldn't stop and caused her to stay home from school. When her parents had her checked by a doctor, they discovered that she had a rare kidney disease and needed a transplant.

The hospital began testing relatives for a match, and her parents' test results revealed that they both had kidney cancer. Her mother, Cristy, had a suspicious spot on her kidney while her father, Mark, had fully developed cancer. A later MRI revealed Cristy's tumor had grown and that both she and her husband had the same type of kidney cancer.


The Upshot

Their doctors say the three illnesses were unrelated, but Crystal's nosebleed led to all of their diagnoses. Crystal received a new kidney from her aunt in April, and the now 17-year-old is once again healthy and able return to her love of playing music and singing in the choir.

By catching her parents' kidney cancers early, they're also now doing well. They were able to be treated with surgery and did not need chemotherapy.

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