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Terrifying Video Shows the Danger to Kids When Furniture Anchors Aren't Used

The Short of It

Video illustrates what happens when you don't secure your furniture with anchors to protect small children.

The Lowdown

A third child, 22-month-old Ted McGee, has died after an unsecured Ikea Malm dresser tipped over on him. A piece from the Malm line was also involved in two separate deaths of children in 2014, one in Pennsylvania and one in Washington. These deaths are tragic on their own, but even more so, because they could have been prevented.

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According to the Ikea website, a child dies in the U.S. from furniture, appliances or TVs tipping over on them every two weeks. Last July, the company began offering free wall anchoring kits for their Malm chests and dressers. The warning applied to the three- and four-drawer models, plus two styles of Malm six-drawer chests. The company also communicated to consumers the importance of the wall attachment through a safety campaign called "Secure It!"

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"Efforts have included sending emails to millions of customers; paid advertisements in parent magazines; posting notices on the IKEA website, Facebook and Twitter postings; paid Internet searches; and videos posted online about the importance of wall-attachment," the company said via a statement.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has also issued a pretty powerful video demonstrating the way the dresser can tip and crush a child, causing injury or even death. It uses a dummy in place of a real kid, but it's still pretty horrifying to watch. 

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The Upshot

I'm not gonna lie, my daughter actually has this exact same dresser in her room—and it's unsecured, even though I've received an email from Ikea and heard about both of the 2014 deaths on the news.

Why have we left her Malm as is? I'm not sure. Maybe because she's 13 and she knows not to climb on it. Maybe because we've told her not to open more than one drawer at a time (because it tips over when she does). Maybe because we think "it could never happen to us." Or maybe because we're just plain lazy.

All are horrible reasons for courting potential tragedy, which is why I just ordered a $12 anchoring system from Amazon. You should, too.

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