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Texas Mom Wakes Up from Surgery with Smashing British Accent

The Short of It

A Texas mom wakes up from surgery with a British accent. And no, she isn't just acting cheeky!

The Lowdown

Lisa Alamia underwent jaw surgery to correct an overbite six months ago, and ever since then, she's sounded like she is from across the pond, instead of Rosenberg, Texas.

"People who don't know me, they're like, 'Hey, where are you from?'" Alamia told CBS Houston. And she'll say, "I'm from Rosenberg. They're like, 'Where is that?' I'm like, 'Right here in Rosenberg.' 'Oh, you're from here? How do you talk like that?' So that's where the whole story comes up."

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Alamia's daughter Kayla initially thought her mom was joking around speaking with the accent.

"But then she showed me that the doctor diagnosed her with foreign accent syndrome. Then I was like, 'Oh, Lord,'" the girl said.

In fact, this specific neurological disorder, which is called foreign accent syndrome, can result from brain damage or a stroke and affects just 100 people worldwide. Crikey!

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While CBS reports some people feel their identity is stolen with this disorder, Alamia mostly has a sense of humor about it, as do her kids.

"They're like, now there's no way you sound 'hood' at all. My daughter laughs at the way I say 'tamales.' I used to be able to say it like a real Hispanic girl. Now I cannot." She adds, "'Mum' is probably the one word I notice right away. 'Kitten' (is another). They think I'm talking about a baby cat. I'm not. I'm saying, 'I'm just kidding.'"

The Upshot

On a random note, singer George Michael claimed he suffered from foreign accent syndrome and developed a West Country twang after having pneumonia back in 2012.

"There's nothing wrong with a West Country accent, but it's a bit weird when you're from north London," he reportedly said.

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But clearly, there are worse things that could happen to you than starting to talk like Bridget Jones. I wouldn't be gutted if I were Alamia; instead, I'd find it quite smashing!

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