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Theater Plays Horror Movie for Kids by Mistake

The Short of It

Jazmyn Moore took five kids to see the new Disney movie "Inside Out," but surprisingly, instead of a lighthearted animated tale, disturbing images of kids being tied up and killed appeared on the screen.

The Lowdown

An employee at Danbarry Cinemas in Middletown, Ohio, made a mistake and began playing "Insidious: Chapter 3," which is rated PG-13, in the theater where PG-rated "Inside Out" was meant to be shown.

Jazmyn says she and other adults in the theater quickly rounded up the kids and left the room, but not before they saw tied up kids being murdered on the movie screen.

The theater apologized for the mishap and gave everyone free tickets to the movies and an upgrade to watch "Inside Out" in 3D.

"I got our money back, but the damage is already done ... my children are terrified and keep asking questions," Jazmyn said in a Facebook post to the Journal-News.

The Upshot

Jazmyn is right to be upset, but it sounds like it was an honest mistake and that the theater has done everything in their power to try to rectify the situation. As much as we try to protect our kids, we can't always control everything they're exposed to, and we're going to have to just explain the best we can.

I don't envy Jazmyn having to handle the nightmares that might have occurred as a result though.

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