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Third-Grader Hands Out Pills at School; Students Hospitalized

The Short of It

A third-grader at Western Hills Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas, brought pills to school and then handed them out to classmates. Two students ended up in the hospital.

The Lowdown

"You don't need to learn how to get your stomach pumped in the third grade," one upset mom told Fox News 4 after a child distributed unknown prescription pills to seven classmates on Thursday. Two of them, including the girl who brought the pills, wound up being rushed to the hospital.

The kids who ingested the adult medicine are alright, but so many things could have gone wrong, from an overdose, to an allergic reaction, to the pills winding up in an even younger sibling's hands.

Parents are most upset because they first learned about the incident from their kids, not from the school district, and they're now demanding a change in the school's policy, especially after a guidance counselor discussed stomach pumping with the students in the class without consent.

The Upshot

Eventually a letter was sent out to parents, stating disciplinary action would be taken against the student who brought the pills to class, but reportedly, she is already back at school.

I have a second-grader, and I find this story very disturbing...and eye-opening. I thought I was years away from having to worry about drugs or even discuss them with my daughter. I guess not.

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