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Toddler Accidentally Shoots Grandmother in the Back

The Short of It

A toddler just two years of age accidentally shot his grandmother in the back while they were riding in a car.

The Lowdown

The accident happened in Rock Hill, South Carolina, earlier this week. According to the Associated Press, the tot was sitting behind his grandmother, who was a passenger in the front seat of her sister's vehicle. The little boy found an unlocked gun in the back pocket of the front seat, and was able to discharge the weapon, shooting his grandmother in the back.

The good news: The grandmother is expected to survive this shocking accident. Meanwhile, police are still trying to determine if the toddler was properly secured in a car seat at the time he fired the gun, or if any gun laws were, in fact, broken. No charges have yet been filed against the sister who owned the .357 revolver.

Meanwhile, the tot's great-aunt said about the little boy in a local news interview, "He's infatuated with guns. I didn't know that. I wasn't thinking."

Well, exactly. But the woman defended herself, saying she usually travels alone, and explained the reason why she carries a weapon with her: "I live by myself, I travel a lot on the road by myself. I'm pretty much vulnerable, so that's why I always have my weapon accessible."

Still, the gun-owner seems to understand just how big of a mistake she made keeping an unlocked, accessible gun in the back seat of her car, and says she will keep the revolver locked in the dashboard or the trunk from now on.

The Upshot

Sadly, incidents like this one are not as rare as we'd like to believe believe. In fact, as the Washington Post just reported, there have been "at least 43 instances this year of somebody being shot by a toddler 3 or younger." In most cases, the child finds a gun and shoots him or herself, and sometimes, it's fatal.

Without getting political on the issue of guns, I think we can all agree that if you own a gun, you must, must store it safely, and keep it locked, and out the reach of children.

What's your take?

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