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Toddler Dies after Getting Tangled in Window Blind Cord

The Short of It

It's every parent's nightmare: a toddler girl dies after getting tangled in a window blind cord at her grandparents' home.

The Lowdown

Sixteen-month-old Bronwyn Taylor and her older brother were spending the day with their grandparents—who had kindly offered to babysit so the Taylors could take their two other sons to the theater—when the little girl somehow managed to get herself tangled up in a blind cord.

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The toddler was reportedly only alone for a few of seconds, but that's all it took for the horrible accident to happen. Paramedics who were called to the scene found Bronwyn in cardiac arrest and rushed her to the hospital. But sadly, she was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

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The little girl's parents are devastated. "She was the best little girl. She was so funny and happy and smart and clever and absolutely out of this world," mom Cathy told The Guardian. "She was only left alone for a few seconds. It's just absolutely tragic."

The Upshot

This is just heartbreaking—especially because it could've been prevented with childproofing. It's an important reminder that when we have a toddler, it's important to check not just our own homes for potential dangers, but any home where our child will be spending time.

Bronwyn's grandmother, Shirley, had helped care for her grandchildren many times, but on this day "fate was against her," Cathy said. "A lot of older grandchildren are usually there in the room, but none of the grandchildren were around that day. She blames herself, but she shouldn't at all."

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Instead, the devastated parents want to raise awareness of the dangers of blinds and their cords around small children.

"We want people to be aware her death was not in vain," Cathy said. "Everybody with small children needs to check and make sure they have safety blinds."

For more information on window blind cord safety, please click here.

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