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Toddler Dies in Hot Car While Family Naps Inside House

The Short of It

A 2-year-old Dallas girl died after being left in a hot car when her parents thought all of their seven kids had gone inside the house to take a nap.

The Lowdown

The Busby family had returned from spending all day at a park on Friday, when they exited their Honda Pilot SUV and went inside their Dallas home. Mom Khalilah Busby says she believed all of her seven kids had gone inside the house with her and her husband to take a nap.

"I forgot to count each and every one of my babies," she told CBS Dallas. "By somebody told me that everyone was in the house, I took that. I took that for granted."

When the father woke up and went outside to work on the vehicle, he discovered 2-year-old Niriah strapped into her car seat in the back seat of the car. She had been there for at least an hour and a half. The family called 911 and immediately began CPR, but the toddler was pronounced dead at the hospital. The medical examiner's report lists the girl's cause of death as hyperthermia, or heat stroke.

Child Protective Services and the Dallas police are investigating the toddler's death, but no charges have been filed.

The Upshot

Since 1998, 605 children in the United States have died from heat stroke after they were left in hot cars, according to AAA. More than half of those deaths were due to a parent or caregiver forgetting about them.

"Even on a mild, warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise to deadly levels in just 10 minutes," said Doug Shupe, AAA Texas spokesman.

Busby said she doesn't want any other parent to make the mistake she made.

"Always look back," she said. "Always."

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