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Toddler with Down Syndrome Stars in Target Campaign

The Short of It

Last Sunday, Target featured a beautiful toddler, Izzy Bradley, 2, in their weekly ad campaign. The tiny model from Stillwater, Minn., appeared in the ad wearing a frilly, pink dress and playing with an educational activity cube. She was absolutely adorable in every way, and she just happens to have Down syndrome.

The Lowdown

Izzy was chosen to star in the Target campaign after they reached out to the online support group, Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, to seek children to feature in their advertisements. Izzy's mom, Heather Bradley, is an administrator for the group.

The shoot took place in September, and Izzy acted like a pro, sitting patiently while getting her hair and makeup done. Izzy loves seeing herself in the ad and on the wall at her local Target. Her older sisters, ages 5 and 7, are very proud of their baby sister and so is mom.

"I want families who are new on a journey with a disabled child to see kids like Izzy and feel hopeful," Bradley told Yahoo Parenting.

The Upshot

It seems there's a growing trend in fashion to expand its definition of traditional beauty and become more inclusive of everyone. This is awesome because the world has spent so many years trying to meet the unattainable beauty set forth by media ads. It's about time things go the other way around.

Like Izzy's mom, I wish it wasn't newsworthy that a mega chain chose to feature a child who has Down syndrome in their campaign. It should be the norm.

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