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Toddler Gets Dangerously Drunk after Dad Passes Out Drinking

The Short of It

A Georgia dad is in jail after he—and his toddler!—were found drunk.

The Lowdown

Authorities were called to the home of Marcus Allen, 20, after family members found him passed out from drinking while his 3-year-old son was in his care. Even more horrifying: the little boy was acting like he was drunk too—and he smelled like alcohol!

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According to the police, Marcus had gotten drunk by sipping a fruity mixed drink from a bottle with a straw. After he became unconscious, his son grabbed the bottle and picked up where he left off. By the time both of them were taken to the hospital, the little boy had a blood alcohol content nearly two times the legal driving limit for an adult.

When he came to in the hospital, Allen ran, but police captured him in the parking lot. He was arrested and charged with a felony count of cruelty to children, counts of reckless conduct and obstruction, and because he's under 21, cited for underage consumption of alcohol. Luckily, his little boy is now recovering and has been placed in his mother's care by the Georgia Division of Family and Child Services.

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"I think it could have been a lot worse had they not come home when they did," Gainesville Police Deputy Chief Jay Parrish told WXIA in Atlanta. "Had the child ingested more alcohol, it could have been fatal."

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The Upshot

This is so sad. I'm glad the boy is OK, and I hope this was a major wake-up call for the dad. As parents, we need to be SO careful about what we do in front of our children. Have I sipped a glass of wine or two in front of my kids? Sure. But can you even imagine how much alcohol he would have had to consume to get to a place where he actually passed out? And he hasn't reached the legal drinking age yet! I'm happy this wasn't the tragedy it could have been. But if this is an issue of substance abuse, I really hope Allen gets the help he needs ASAP.

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