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Toddler Filmed Smoking Cigarettes and Drinking... Beer?!

The Short of It

Want to see a video that will really turn your stomach? Check out this disturbing clip of a toddler smoking a cigarette and drinking what appears to be beer—while someone reportedly says that they're teaching him to be "a real man."

The Lowdown

This video went viral after being posted by a Facebook user named Daniel Tecu, who was looking to identify the two men who are plying this young boy with alcohol and cigarettes. The clues so far are that the video seems to have been taken in Spain, and the two men are speaking Romanian. And, of course, the images of that poor child—odds are someone out there knows who he is.

Naturally, as you might expect, the video has created a huge furor, as online commenters have called for these two men to lose parental rights—and maybe even the right to procreate!—although we can't be 100 percent certain that either man is related to the child.


Recunoaste cineva acest individ? Sau ce oras este? Am putea anunta autoritatile din orasul respectiv.

Posted by Daniel Tecu on Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Upshot

This is one of those videos that makes you question your faith in humanity. We've seen plenty of questionable parenting in the past—and even another cigarette-smoking baby—but this one definitely takes the cake. Let's hope authorities figure out who this baby is—and the identity the two adults who were giving him that stuff.

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