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Top Google Searches of 2014

The Short of It

Google released a list of its top searches in 2014. The most searched terms include a celebrity whose shocking death rocked the nation this year and the movie that took over every little kid's life in the past 12 months.

The Lowdown

If you guessed Robin Williams as the celebrity whose name topped the search engine's list, you are, sadly, correct. And, of course, the top searched film could be none other than "Frozen."

Other top Google searches include Malaysia Airlines, Ebola and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Who was the most searched politician in this election year? Barack Obama was, but possible 2016 Presidential candidates Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren weren't far behind.

A list of the most searched holiday gifts was also released. The iPad and the Xbox gaming system were searched most frequently. Fitbit was another popular search term, as were Hunter boots and Michael Kors watches (I'll take one of each please!).

The list may also reveal what the hottest toys for kids are going to be this holiday season. Most searched playthings included American Girl, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Lego Friends and (retro alert!) Ouija Board!

The Upshot

It's a little freaky how well the internet knows us. At the same time, how fascinating is that a list like this can basically capture a year in the life of human beings on Earth?

But, um, am I the only person who searched Taylor Swift videos a million times this year?

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