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Tornado Photobombs Teens' Prom Photo Session

The Short of It

What would you do if a tornado showed up to your pre-prom photo session uninvited?

The Lowdown

Ali Marintzer and Charlie Bator were getting ready to leave for their prom in Wray, Colo., over the weekend when—plot twist(er)—a tornado decided to show up and crash the pre-party. So, the couple did what any of us would do if we spied a violent natural disaster headed our way—they stopped to take a selfie.

The kids knew a good photo op when then saw one. So instead of, you know, seeking shelter, Ali snapped a tongue selfie in front of the giant twister, then posted the shot to her Snapchat story with the caption: "Selfie ft. Tornado #prom2k16."

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But since Snaps only last 24 hours, the high school freshman also recruited her mom Heidi for a full-on photo sesh in order to capture the amazing moment for the ages. (And P.S.: We can totally see Amy Poehler playing the part of Heidi when this whole thing inevitably gets turned into a movie.)

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Heidi told ABC Denver that when she first saw the tornado, it was just "a small funnel cloud." And since it looked to be about 3 miles away, she didn't think it really posed a danger—certainly not enough to keep her kid from scoring a shot in front of the most bada*s backdrop ever.

So Heidi whipped out her phone and started snapping the teens in what may go down in history as the coolest or the stupidest prom pic in history, depending on your opinion.

Ali then posted the resulting image to Facebook (of course) where it quickly went viral (naturally). Because wasn't that the point all along?

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The Upshot

I have to admit the picture is pretty cool—as it should be, considering these kids basically risked their lives to take it. But it's not what you should actually be doing when you're under a tornado warning.

Oh and in case you're wondering, the prom went off without a hitch after a 45-minute delay to make sure everyone was safe and sound and not trapped on a yellow brick road somewhere.

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