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Transgender Girl Scout Overcomes Bullying, Sells 1,000s of Cookies

The Short of It

After trying to sell cookies and being sent packing, a transgender Girl Scout and her foster mom find another way to accomplish their goal.

The Lowdown

Meet Stormi. She's 9 years old, identifies as transgender, and joined a local Girl Scout troop last fall. But when she decided to sell Girl Scout cookies along with the rest of her troop, a neighbor rejected her, saying, "Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress."

According to BuzzFeed, Stormi has been part of the foster program in Illinois for three years and was selling the cookies in order to raise money to support foster children in the area. So after she was rebuffed, her foster mom, Kim, helped her open an online cookie-selling operation through the Girl Scouts' Digital Cookie site, where Stormi sold more than 3,000 boxes of cookies.

"My troop plans to use the money to help us go on trips," Stormi wrote on the site. "I have my own plans as well. At my request my family will donate boxes to local foster kids like me!"

The Upshot

According to the official Girl Scouts website, anti-bullying efforts, including helping girls build the self-confidence to stand up to bullying, is a core component of the program: "Our programming introduces and opens girls up to so many things—like STEM, financial literacy, and outdoor experiences—that are vital for a successful future and that enable them to build social and emotional skills, exemplify anti-bullying behavior, and develop confidence, resiliency, and leadership skills."

To that end, Kim, Stormi and their incredible problem-solving skills are basically the epitome of #GirlScoutGoals.

"She decided to donate boxes to something close to her heart, which is foster care," Jay Strobel, spokesman for Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois, told the Washington Post about Stormi. "She took something that wasn't so pleasant, and she turned it into a positive experience."

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