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Trooper Waits to Tell Kids Their Parents Died to Preserve Halloween

The Short of It

Georgia parents Donald and Crystal Howard went out to buy face paint and candy on Halloween—and never came home. They were killed in a car accident, leaving behind four children. What a state trooper did for the kids next will restore your faith in humanity.

The Lowdown

Nathan Bradley was assigned the heartbreaking task of informing the Howard children that their mom and dad had died on Halloween. But when he arrived at their home, he found four kids dressed in full costume and ready to go out trick-or-treating. Who could tell these excited kids their parents had passed so suddenly under those circumstances?

With their grandmother's permission, Bradley waited 12 hours to tell Justin, Amaya, Damien and Travion, who range in age from 6 to 13, about the accident. While grandma traveled up from Florida, the trooper treated the kids to dinner, movies, and Halloween candy at the Monroe State Patrol post, and then, a sleepover.

"The whole purpose was to preserve their Halloween," explained Bradley, both this year and for the future.

The Upshot

You can help the Howard family with funeral expenses by visiting their GoFundMe page, which was also set up by Trooper Bradley. The self-described not touchy-feely guy said, "It's the first time in the line of duty I told someone I loved them, and I do love them. I care about them a lot."

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