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Twin Receives Liver Transplant After Sister Gets Transplant from Dad

The Short of It

You may recall hearing about the Wagner twins, who both desperately needed liver transplants due to Alagille syndrome, which affects the ducts of the liver. One twin, Phuoc, received a liver from her adoptive father earlier this year. But Phuoc's sister Bihn remained sick. Amazingly, an anonymous donor has donated part of his or her liver to the little girl, and she is currently recovering from a successful transplant surgery.

The Lowdown

It's hard to imagine the agony of only being able to save one daughter when both are sick. But that was just the situation the Wagner family faced after learning their 3-year-old adopted daughters needed new livers.

When the family found out dad, Michael, was a match for the girls, mom, Johanne Wager, told ABC News: "We found ourselves to be very lucky that we qualified right away. [We're] relieved, but we need one more donor."

Phuoc received Michael's liver because she was sicker. A massive social media campaign followed as the Wagners appealed to the public to try to find a donor for Bihn. Clearly it worked, because a living donor donated part of his or her liver to the little girl, just two months after Phuoc's transplant.

"There are not enough words to thank the amazing and so unselfish donor," said the girls' mom.

Bihn is currently recovering at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Wagner says she has experienced more complications than Phuoc, who has returned home since her surgery and continues to recover along with her dad.

The Upshot

The Wagners can hopefully close the book on what has been a long medical odyssey since they adopted the girls from Vietnam in 2012.

"We knew they were very ill. Those girls knocked on our doors, and they were supposed to be with us, and it just took a different path. As soon as we heard about them, we knew they were part of our family," Wagner said about her daughters.

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