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Twin Receives Liver Transplant with Dad's Living Donation

The Short of It

"Hey, mon belle," ("Hey, my beauty") were the words a Toronto father, Michael Wagner, said to his 3-year-old daughter, Phuoc, when he saw her for the first time after becoming her living liver transplant donor.

The Lowdown

Wagner and his wife, Joanne, adopted Phuoc and her twin sister, Binh, in 2012 from Vietnam. The couple also has seven other children.

Wagner underwent the lengthy transplant surgery on Feb. 10 to donate a portion of his liver to Phuoc. Both little girls suffer from a genetic condition called Alagille syndrome that caused the liver damage and the subsequent need for liver transplants.

Wagner was a match for both of his daughters but can only undergo the living donor procedure once. Doctors chose Phuoc to be the recipient of the first donation because she was in more dire need of the transplant.

The Upshot

While Phuoc is still recovering, the twins' medical team and the Wagners are continuing to search for a liver donor for Binh. The Wagners started a campaign on social media asking for the public's help.

Doctors at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto have received more than 400 submissions from people offering to be a living donor for Binh. The medical team hopes to find a donor for Binh very soon.

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