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Twins Fake Naptime and Get Caught Red-Handed


The Short of It

A baby monitor helped one mom win at a surveillance sting in a hilarious new viral video. When she catches her twins standing up and blabbering, her voice over the monitor does more than startle her not-so-sleepyheads, it commands them to lay back down. 

The Lowdown

Any mom will attest to the fact that a baby monitor is a life saver and a must-have. They help tired parents monitor baby from another room, alerting them to every cough or crying fit, plus every other thing that might go down in the crib when they're not around (wacky sleeping positions, diaper explosions—we've all been there). But, as a new video posted by ItsJudyTime attests, a baby monitor can give some moms superhero skills. The YouTube star's hilarious video shows how she puts an end to her twins having a party in their respective cribs during nap time. When she sees her babies standing up, holding onto the railings, and blabbering over the monitor, all it takes is her sweet voice and this cute phrase: "Hi babies!" for the twinsies to instantly lay down, butts in the air (so cute!) and assume the sleeping position. Her Facebook caption: I rarely talk with the girls through the baby monitor. But when I do, this usually happens." The viral video has garnered more than 15 million views, thanks to the babies' adorable reaction to mommy's voice. See for yourself: 




The Upshot

Aside from giving us all a much-needed end-of-the-week laugh, this video is the sweetest because the babies actually recognize and respond to their mom's voice. And let's be honest: This shows that Mom is a total boss—and we love it!

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