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Twins Joined at Skull Share Sight, Emotions, and Sensations

The Short of It

Seven-year-old twins, who are joined at the skull and brain, can see through each other's eyes, share emotions and experience the same sensations.

The Lowdown

When Felicia Hogan of Vernon, British Columbia, gave birth to twins Tatiana and Krista, she and her husband were warned the babies might not survive the day. Joined at the skull and brain, the twins defied doctors' expectations and are now thriving 7-year-olds.

Not only do the sisters walk, talk and argue with each other, Tatiana and Krista see through one another's eyes, share emotions and feel it when the other is tickled. While each has independent thoughts and control of her own limbs, both also can control one of the other's legs and arms. Doctors have not yet determined if the girls share thoughts, but the family suspects they do by the way they can share a joke without speaking.

While they live like most other little girls—going to school, watching cartoons and enjoying sweets—the Canadian twins can never be separated because of the way their brains are wired together. The conjoined sisters have two different personalities—Tatiana is the leader, while Krista is quieter—and have to work hard to get along, especially because they will be together for life.

The Upshot

The family allowed cameras into their lives to film a Channel 5 documentary to help people look beyond their appearance to see happy, fulfilled little girls.

"I still see people look at them like they are freaks, like they shouldn't be here," their mom, Felicia, said. "People need to see these little girls are amazing for who they are."

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