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Two-Minute TSA Pat-Down of 10-Year-Old Girl Leaves Dad Fuming

The Short of It

A California girl suffered through a two-minute pat-down from a TSA agent after she left a juice box in her carry-on bag. Now her dad, Kevin Payne, who recorded the incident on his cell phone, is speaking out against what he is calling an invasive confrontation.

The Lowdown

Payne told NBC News about the incident: "She just had a completely blank stare on her face. I could tell it was very uncomfortable for her."

It's true; you can see in the video taken of the incident that 10-year-old Vendela is tense during the procedure. She says, "What was going through my mind is 'This is annoying. I don't like this. I want to run out the door.'"

You can also see in the video that the female agent first explains what she is going to do: pat Vendela down from head to toe. But honestly, the pat-down, which took place at a Raleigh, N.C., airport, does seem rather excessive. What could this little girl really be hiding that would take two full minutes to detect?

According to Payne, his daughter's screening didn't end with the pat-down either; her bag, which contained the juice, was also swabbed for explosive materials. In a statement, the TSA explained this step was necessary because a cell phone alarm had also gone off inside Vendela's bag. They also said their "screening procedures allow for the pat-down of children under certain circumstances. The process by which the child was patted down followed approved procedures."

The Upshot

Payne isn't backing down: "The pat-down seemed to be the go-to option for them, and I think they could've done a better scrutiny of what they were looking for prior to putting their hands all over my 10-year-old daughter....Maybe they need re-training. Maybe they did everything by the book. I don't really know, but it was an uncomfortable situation."

He is currently filing a complaint with his federal congressmen.

Do you think the pat-down was excessive or was the TSA agent just doing her job?

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