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Ultrasound Footage of Baby Clapping Is Real Despite Doubters' Claims

The Short of It

Ultrasound footage shared on YouTube appears to show a 14-week-old baby clapping several times. Some doubt it can be real, but the applauding fetus's parents swear we should believe our eyes.

The Lowdown

Expectant mom Jen Cardinal and her doctor sing, "If You're Happy and You Know It," as her baby, who just said goodbye to his embryo days, claps along in a new video posted to YouTube.

"FAKE!" one commenter wrote about the clip. Others also chimed in that the video is not what it seems.

Cardinal admits her doctor manipulated the footage by replaying the first three claps. But still, a baby who isn't even born yet clapping three times? That's pretty incredible!

"We gasped, laughed. Doctor said, 'let's sing a song.' He rewound and replayed it to us singing, so it looks like the baby is clapping. Great fun," the rhythmic tot's mom told

The Upshot

It's amazing what you can witness a baby doing during an ultrasound. My daughter appeared to be sucking her thumb while I was getting one particular scan. Well, believe it or not, she is now a devoted thumb-sucker!

Meanwhile, I'm not sure why some people are upset over whether this video is real. As the mom said, it's great fun! And it's meant to make you smile. I guess some people aren't happy, and now we know it.

To be fair, many commenters thought the video was absolutely adorable. What do you think?

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