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Unauthorized School Field Trip to Sex Toy Shop Disgusts Parents, Disturbs Kids

The Short of It

It seems the Gaia Democratic School in Minneapolis took their motto of academic freedom a little too far by chaperoning young students to a sex toy shop without parental consent.

The Lowdown

With only 25 students, the K-12 private institution can't afford to lose enrollment. But that is exactly what has happened in the wake of a highly inappropriate field trip to a sex shop called Smitten Kitten.

"We feel that the bond of trust between parent and educator has been irrevocably damaged," one disgusted parent wrote in a letter to the school, according to Local 8 News Knoxville.

So what were kids doing in a store containing explicit sexual material and sex toys? Gaia Democratic says the trip was the culmination of a month-long sex education program. Because the Smitten Kitten is the only place kids can learn about sex? Right.

The parent who wrote the letter claims his kids, ages 9, 11 and 13, were traumatized by what they saw and what was talked about in the store.

In fact, a Minneapolis license and zoning inspector found the Smitten Kitten was in violation of laws by allowing minors into the store while explicit materials were in plain view and not in a separate area, or even covered up.

The Upshot

For now, the school is not responding to parents' demands for answers as to why they were not informed about the trip. Since Gaia Democratic is a private school, the board of education has no jurisdiction in this disturbing matter.

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