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Veteran Dads Gladly Sign Up for Tour of Duty at Girl Scout Cookies Stand

The Short of It

A reporter stumbles upon a couple of rugged dads helping their daughters sell Girl Scout cookies, and she decides to learn their story.

The Lowdown

Meet the #1 Cookie Dads: Robert Abbott and David Gettemeier.

Their 11-year-old daughters Alyssa and Alexis are Girl Scouts in Troop 1128, and their wives are both co-leaders. So with cookie-selling season in full-swing, the men decided to get in on the action by hawking Peanut Butter Patties and Thin Mints outside Stater Bros in Palm Desert, Calif., last weekend, decked out in baseball hats and matching purple "#1 Cookie Dad" T-shirts.

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"Girl Scout Cookies!" they yelled to passersby. One of those who happened to be walking past was Denise Goolsby of The Desert Sun. And when she spotted the curious couple, she decided to stop and get their story.

Here's what she found out:

Both Abbott and Gettemeier are retired from the military, each with 20 years of service. Robert was in the Navy, while David served in the Marines and the Army. So what inspired a couple of vets to start selling cookies?

"I like spending time; I like helping them," Gettemeier said. "After doing the time in the military I didn't get a lot of time—always been gone."

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So sweet! And apparently, these two aren't the only dads peddling shortbread, either.

"Our troop is dad-heavy," Gettemeier said.

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The Upshot

According to Goolsby, the dads and their daughters were doing a "brisk business" on Saturday night, well on their way to their goal of selling 200 boxes. And while there's been a lot of debate recently over whether or not it's OK for parents to help their kids sell Girl Scout cookies, we think this story is super-sweet. Any dad that goes out of his way to spend a little extra time with his daughter gets a thumbs up from us!

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