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Dad Performs Epic Lip Sync Dance to Katy Perry Song

The Short of It

Every kid wants a dad this fun! In a hilarious new video, a father-of-two shows off his laundry, dance, and Katy Perry–song lip-syncing skills, and we are seriously impressed.

The Lowdown

In a description underneath the YouTube video, it says mom set up the camera to catch her kids doing cute things so their grandmother could see. I'm pretty sure she didn't expect to record her hubby throwing down to "E.T."

It all starts out innocently enough. A little girl is waving pom-poms while her younger sibling bee-bops in a jumpy seat nearby. But then... there's dad! He quickly sets down a basket of laundry to join in on the fun, and um, daddy's got moves!

He also seems to know nearly every word to Perry's hit song. That'll happen when you have little kids. Just ask me the words to any Justin Bieber or One Direction song.

The best part of the video isn't dad's flawless robot moves—sorry!—but his little girl's adorable laughter as he hams it up to one of her favorite jams. I love how he just wants to make his kids happy. He even grabs the pom-pom and incorporates them into his admirable routine, then doesn't feel like giving 'em back! The video, published yesterday, already has been shared nearly 60,000 times. See for yourself:

The Upshot

At the end of the song, dad feigns dropping the mic with a pom-pom, and goes back to his laundry duties. So ahem, honey, if you're reading this, you have some serious competition!

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