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Was Malia Obama Cheering or Jeering Sasha's Fangirl Moment with Ryan Reynolds?

The Short of It

Was Malia showing sisterly support or throwing shade at Sasha as she fangirled out over Ryan Reynolds?

The Lowdown

Malia and Sasha Obama attended their first-ever State Dinner on Thursday, where they got the chance to meet actor Ryan Reynolds in the receiving lineā€”and the resulting photo is getting a lot of attention on the Internet.

The picture shows Sasha excitedly chatting up the "Deadpool" star, but it's big sis Malia who steals the show by photobombing the action with a big smirk on her face and a double thumbs up.


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Twitter basically exploded with people heralding Malia for cheering on her little sister's major fangirl moment:

"This picture of malia totally cheering sasha on while she talks to ryan reynolds is just so darn cute," wrote one commenter.

"Look at Malia's thumbs up to Sasha fangirling over Ryan Reynolds," added another. "I love the Obama family so much."

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"MALIA IS CHEERING SASHA ON WHILE SHE'S TALKING TO RYAN REYNOLDS," a third chimed in, using all caps for emphasis.

The Upshot

My initial thought? I want a sister so bad, too!

But the longer I stared at the picture, the more I recognized that look on Malia's face. It's the same one I see on my daughter's face any time her younger brother steals her thunder by cracking up her friends or by bringing home a perfect score on a math test. And it's the same reaction we saw Eli Manning have when his brother Peyton was busy winning this year's Super Bowl.

In other words: "Way to go, loser."

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But I could be wrong. Later, during the dinner, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau addressed the girls: "I admire you very much, both of you, for your extraordinary strength and your grace. The one thing that you have received from your extraordinary parents is the tools to be able to handle the challenges and the opportunities in front of you."

Opportunities, say, like meeting a major movie star? I'd say they did handled it well, no matter if Malia's gesture was meant to be affectionate or vexing.

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