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Was a Pink Concert Harmful to an 11-Year-Old Girl? Judge Says No

The Short of It

In a custody battle, a dad says his ex shouldn't have taken their 11-year-old daughter to a Pink concert. But the judge says it was okay.

The Lowdown

The father of the girl says the mom "abused her parental decision and made an age-inappropriate decision" to take the girl to the Pink concert.

But the judge who heard their case, New Jersey State Superior Court's Lawrence Jones, rejected his complaint. Jones wrote a 37-page decision in which he cites some of the history of rock music being censored and limited by parents.

"In this day and age, it is not too hard to search on the radio, television or internet to find current rock songs and performances which may raise the same type of parental reactions and objections as those raised by parents years ago to Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and other rock artists," wrote Jones.

He says the girl's mother didn't go beyond the typical boundaries of parental decision, and that the concert wasn't inappropriate or harmful to the girl. In fact, he said since it was her first concert, she'll take away positive memories.

The Upshot

It goes to show you that parents will pull out all the stops in a heated custody case. What might have been an argument behind closed doors if the parents were married became a court battle because the parents are in a custody dispute.

"While each parent may possess a separate constitutional right to make choices and decisions for a child, there will invariably be occasions when divorced parents disagree and reach an impasse over certain day-to-day issues," wrote Jones.

I hope these parents can learn to talk out their disagreements and come to decisions together, instead of letting it get nasty or taking them to court.

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