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Watch Divorced Parents Confess True Feelings for Exes' New Spouses

The Short of It

Divorced parents Jamey and Tara share why they love their exes' new spouses in an emotional video.

The Lowdown

"We had a few good years...but at some point, we stopped watering the plant," explains Tara about her two-year-marriage to Jamey in a SoulPancake video clip. Although she says divorce was never an option for her, the mom and dad of son Nakhjavani ultimately ended their relationship.

"It's an awful feeling to not be with your child every day of their lives," confides Tara. Then the couple explains how they first felt when the other starting dating. There were a lot of hurt feelings and worries about who was going to be around their son.

The idea of Jason, Tara's new husband, being a co-parent came easily to Tara. "He is completely born to be a father," she says.

"This is my son," Jason explains about Nak.

Then we hear from Jamey. "He's invested in him," he admits, and it becomes clear any misgivings have melted into acceptance, and even admiration. Jamey confesses Jason has a way about him that Jamey doesn't, calling it "structure."

We meet Natasha next, Jamey's new wife. "I don't care who these other people are with my kid; it's just not me," Tara tells us. So although she loves Jamey and his spouse, she admits to struggling with the separation from her son. But Tara is quick to compliment Natasha as well, saying she makes things easier.

Natasha explains she is Nak's friend and parent. Her goals? To keep it loving and fun.

Now that you know the background, here comes the emotional part. Jamey and Tara have prepared letters for one another's new spouses. Both Jason and Natasha are greeted with photo displays of themselves with Nak. Dang! Cue the tears.

Jamey's letter opens with, "Are you supposed to be someone I hate?"

Tara's: "This new woman in my life. This new pair of arms that my son would be cuddled in."

Then each ex goes on to confess what they admire about the new spouse as a person and as a parent. Holy moly, grab the tissues! What each parent has to say is so moving; even if you don't have any experience with divorce, you're bound to choke up. For instance, "You're doing the things I couldn't do, and I love you for that," says Jamey. He even tells Jason he is setting a wonderful example for his son as to how to be good to a woman in the future. Tara tells a pregnant Natasha that she's already sure she will be a wonderful mother. Sniff.

The Upshot

Hopefully, this video will serve as an inspiration for other families coping with divorce and trying to balance blended families. It may take time, but there are clearly ways to coexist and even grow to love how the family has evolved.

Can you relate to this moving video? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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