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Watch Son Freak Out His Parents by Skydiving on Skype Call

The Short of It

Just because kids get older, it doesn't mean they stop freaking you out! Just check out this epic video of a man who Skyped his parents while skydiving and gave them the surprise of their lives!

The Lowdown

An Irish tourist named Roger Ryan, was recruited by Hostelworld in Australia to skydive from 14,000 feet. So naturally, he decided to video call his folks while he was jumping out of the plane. Seriously.

His mom Mary and his dad Pat thought their daredevil son was on a bus when the call came in. So their shock is evident as they realize Roger is on an airplane and he's preparing to jump out of it—in front of them.

Many curse words follow, as Pat and Mary watch their beloved son tumble down, down, down to earth. And we get to watch as the parents' emotions go from shock, to excitement, and then finally, relief when Roger lands safely on the ground.

The Upshot

I'm hoping I never get a call like this from my kids. I really don't think I would react as these parents did. They are laughing and smiling at certain points during their son's freefall, clearly enjoying his ride a bit, too. I'd just be horrified! Thank goodness, my little ones are still on the ground... for now. Sigh. Who knows what torture they'll put me through in the future!

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