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Watch These Guys Endure Simulated Childbirth Pain—and Try Not to Smirk!

The Short of It

Moms, it's time to get some revenge against the guys, who don't have to endure the pain of childbirth—but sure have a hand in getting us to that moment! Watch these men suffer through labor simulations, and try not to smirk just a bit.

The Lowdown

Four male volunteers called "The Try Guys" agreed to be hooked up to a machine that sends electrical pulses through their abdominal and back muscles and causes them to contract, simulating labor pain.

In the beginning, the guys have a hard time thinking the pain can be that bad. One wonders out loud: "I've gotten hurt lots of times. How painful can this be?"

Oh, just wait.

Before the simulation begins, the men establish a safe word in case they can't handle any more pain; fittingly, it is "epidural."

Level 1 is considered "mild" pain. The men acknowledge it's uncomfortable, but do okay. Then Level 2, the "moderate" pain begins. At this point, the guys lose their cool, groaning in pain.

Am I sick for laughing at them?

At one point, a guy is wailing in pain when his friend chides, "Push!"

Now we're ready for Level 3, or the "intense" phase. Moms, we know this as go time. The men are screaming like real women during childbirth. And that's even funnier.

Soon, one guy gives up, calling out, "epidural!" But the other volunteers make it to Level 4, or "horrible" pain, the kind we moms feel right before the baby's head comes out. The men who make it to this stage are producing guttural, animalistic wails.

Yup, I found it hilarious.

The Upshot

At the end, the safe word is used by all. And the men tearfully acknowledge that their moms are the strongest people they know.

Did you laugh while watching the simulation, or did you feel sorry for the guys?

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