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Watch What Happens When Kids Choose Between a Gift for Themselves or One for Their Parents

The Short of It

Kids from low income families were asked to choose between a gift they really want for Christmas and a gift for their parents.

The Lowdown

If you were offered the choice of taking a gift for yourself that you really, really wanted or a gift for your parents, which one would you choose?

That was the dilemma faced by a bunch of kids from The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta this holiday season. UP TV interviewed the participants, asking them two questions: What did they hope to get for Christmas this year? And what did their families want?

As the kids were being interviewed, a crew member brought both gifts over to them in real-time. Score! But hold on a minute because there's a catch! "You can either get a gift for yourself, or you can pick a gift for your mom and dad," said the interviewer.


Can you guess what happened? Every single child chose to take home a gift for their loved ones, passing up some serious swag, like a laptop, American Girl doll, and X-Box 360!

"Legos don't matter. Your family matters," said 9-year-old Aaron Freeman, who passed on the Minecraft Lego set he wanted in order to get a box of Pandora charms for his mom. "Not legos, not toys. Your family. So it's either family or Legos, and I choose family."

The Upshot

This was an incredible video to watch, and I'm not gonna lie, I shed some serious tears.

So did most of the kids, who were overcome with gratitude, telling the interviewer how thankful they were for their families and the opportunity to give them something they really wanted.

"If I get a laptop, my mom loses something," said one. "She takes care of me when I'm sick; she helps me with my homework."

"They look out for me and do stuff for me, so I need to give back to them," said another.

Truly, amazing!

And in the end, the interviewer revealed that because the kids so selflessly gave up want they wanted, they were actually going to get to take home BOTH gifts!

Watch their reactions here:

If that's not the true definition of holiday magic, then I don't know what is!

More than 80 percent of kids involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta come from low-income families. To find out how you can give them gifts, click here.

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