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Woman Starts Cuddling Business; Guess How Much Sessions Cost

The Short of It

Samantha Hess of Oregon is a professional cuddler. Yes, it's a real thing. And you'll never guess how much she charges for a cuddling session at her business, Cuddle Up To Me.

The Lowdown

Do you have a figure in mind? Try $60 an hour!

Although that seems like a steep price to pay for a little human contact, Hess says her business has truly taken off. The cuddler-in-chief claims that 1,000 customers have visited her shop in just one week to get a little snuggle action. If fact, her website was shut down late last week because the server couldn't keep up with the traffic.

"I call my service a 'massage for the mind.' It's meant to rejuvenate you and make you feel that openness and happiness in your brain by resetting your system from top to bottom," says Hess, author of "Touch: The Power of Human Connection."

Sounds very new age. But perhaps in the age of Facebook, Twitter and, some people really are in desperate need of a real connection. After all, what's a friend request online compared to a warm body?

But Hess says that is all she is offering. It's therapy, and not sexual. So don't even think about it. And if you do, this cuddling maven will shut you down with her warning system, which is two taps.

Besides, if you agreed to one of her sessions, you already signed a waiver that you understand her boundaries. Clients are not to touch her anywhere they wouldn't safely touch a child.

"If they're looking for a replacement for sex, they're not going to be happy with my service," explains Hess.

The Upshot

I'm feeling awfully lucky that I have three cuddly children to snuggle up to. But if I didn't, I'm still not sure Cuddle Up To Me would be my cup of tea. How about you?

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