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Woman Who Cheated Death after 50-Foot Fall becomes a Mom

The Short of It

A woman who survived a 50-foot fall while sleepwalking becomes a mom after she was told having children would be impossible.

The Lowdown

While vacationing at a Spanish hotel three years ago, British woman Amy Chester Wigfull plunged out of a fifth-story bathroom window and suffered devastating injuries, including a broken wrist, fractured shoulder, punctured lung, bleeding on the brain, broken vertebra, and a shattered pelvis. Doctors told the then 25-year-old, who believes sunstroke made her sleepwalk, that her body wouldn't be able to support the weight of a baby during pregnancy.

"Two metal rods were holding my pelvis together, so the consultant said it was very unlikely that I'd be able to carry a baby," she explained to Yahoo News. "Even if I conceived, there was a huge risk I'd have a miscarriage because there wasn't enough room in my pelvis for the baby to grow."

She was heartbroken by the news, but thankfully, the doctors were wrong. Wigfull gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Ralph just last month. The new mom says she and her partner Andy "hadn't bothered using contraception because I didn't think I could get pregnant so I didn't see the point." But when her period was late, she took four positive pregnancy tests, and realized she could!

"The news started to sink in, but I was terrified I'd lose the baby. I was on edge until the moment Ralph arrived," she confessed.

Seeing the baby's heartbeat at frequent checkups eased some of her fears. She wasn't able to deliver her son naturally, given her injuries, so doctors scheduled a cesarean at 39 weeks. Ralph was born healthy, weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces.

The Upshot

This is an incredible story, no doubt, but even more amazing is just how close Wigfull came to death. Doctors believe if she'd woken up during her fall, her body would have tensed instinctively, and she wouldn't have survived. And get this, if she had fallen just a few meters to the left, her body would've hit a motorbike; if she had been just a few meters to the right, she would've landed on boulders. She was also discovered almost immediately by a man who had gone for a walk after fighting with his wife, which greatly increased her chances for survival. Otherwise, doctors say she would've been dead within 20 minutes.

The grateful mom now says, "Ralph is my little miracle. It seems too unbelievable." It does, but clearly, miracles do happen, especially to this lucky woman!

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