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Work-from-Home Moms Find Tech Jobs Through New Site

The Short of It

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I would be so much happier if I didn't have to commute"? Well, a new site called PowerToFly is helping women find tech jobs they can do from home. This can be especially appealing to moms who'd like to spend less time commuting and more time with their kids.

The Lowdown

Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski founded PowerToFly on the principle that tech companies should give women—especially those who are starting families—more opportunities to work from home.

"There are two bad choices for women: go back to the office full-time or slowly lose your career because you can't go back to the office full-time," Katharine told Wired.

Through PowerToFly, women in various technology-related fields can create professional profiles and get vetted and matched with companies looking for remote employees with their skills. As long as you have a strong enough internet connection for video chats, you can do these jobs from anywhere you want.

Best of all, the work schedule can be customized to you: Women can choose from jobs that offer between 20 to 40 hours per week. Tens of thousands of women have used PowerToFly to find almost 700 jobs at companies, including Buzzfeed and Hearst.

The Upshot

While some tech companies seem to be discouraging flexible work schedules and working from home—Yahoo recently put a ban on working remotely—I think it's awesome that PowerToFly and the companies that use it are recognizing that remote and part-time employees are valuable. Giving moms the flexibility they're looking for can only make their work stronger and help them stay satisfied and passionate about their jobs.

As a work-from-home mom, I can confidently say that where I do my job doesn't affect the quality of my work. And I feel empowered by the independence. For example, I took my son to a doctor's appointment this morning without asking for permission from anybody, and I'll pick up my other son from school this afternoon in between writing assignments. These little opportunities make me truly happy with my job situation. A work-from-home job isn't for everyone, but it makes so much sense for so many moms.

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