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You Can Literally Test Drive Your Baby's Stroller in This Adult-Sized Version

The Short of It

Wanna take your baby's stroller out for a test drive before you buy it to see how comfortable it is? Well, now you can.

The Lowdown

This is not an SNL skit: Contours has actually created an adult-sized version of its popular Contours Bliss stroller that's big enough to fit a real-life grown man inside. Why? So you can take it for a spin to see how smooth the ride is before shelling out a cool $240 on the normal kid-size model.

To kick off the campaign, the company posted a funny video called "The Baby Stoller Test Ride" to YouTube. It opens with a mom happily riding along in a giant blue stroller.

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"The problem with shopping for strollers, is that babies can't talk to tell you what they like," the voiceover begins. "And an adult certainly can't fit into a baby stroller. We created an exact adult-sized replica of one of our best-selling baby strollers and invited parents to try it."

Pretty smart.

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Each parent volunteer kicks back in the rider's seat while someone else pushes them around the park, down the aisles of a store and through a bunch of city streets. Some of the test drivers even get rocked and play a little peekaboo. It can't be a coincidence that every single one of them looks insanely happy, can it?

The Upshot

Sadly, Contours isn't planning to sell these babies in stores any time soon (or probably ever). It's too bad because I totally would've bought one for all those times when my feet hurt after a long day of shopping or when I'm stuck in the TSA line at the airport and could just use a quiet place to chill.

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If you're lucky enough to live in Chicago, there's another test-drive event coming up on June 7. If not, check out the Contours website to find out when this bad boy will be rolling into a city near you.

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