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You'll Never Believe Why This Teacher Was Late to School 111 Times!

The Short of It

Fifteen-year veteran teacher Arnold Anderson has been late to school 111 times and his excuse is eggs-ellent. He blames eating the most important meal of the day—breakfast—at home for his tardiness, claiming he loses track of time.

The Lowdown

Let's hope New Jersey elementary school teacher Arnold Anderson isn't instructing his young students on time management skills. "I have a bad habit of eating breakfast in the morning and losing track of time," he admitted to The Associated Press regarding his track record of being tardy more than 100 times in two years. Earlier this summer, an arbitrator in New Jersey tossed out an attempt by Roosevelt Elementary School in New Brunswick to fire Anderson because he's "entitled to progressive discipline" and wasn't provided with "a formal notice of inefficiancy" or 90 days to "correct his failings." In his own defense, Anderson claims he was only 2 minutes late to his classroom and his lesson plans were ready to go. While he suggested he needed to cut out eating a sit-down breakfast at home—it wasn't a good enough solution. Mr. Anderson is suspended without pay until January 1st, 2016. The breakfast loving teacher is understandably bummed—but vows to be early when he returns back to work.

The Upshot

If you're like me, there are definitely times when your kid is eating a waffle or slurping a tube of yogurt in the backseat on the way to school drop-off. Why? Because we don't want our kids to be late, and get those annoying "tardy" slips sent home at the end of the school day. It seems only fair that teachers be held to the same standards. There's no excuse for Anderson's tardiness. Of course, there are some times when we all run late—me included—but not 111 times!

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