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17 Kids Show Their Adorable Selfie Style

  • Kristin M.

    Model in the Making

    Mom Kristin M. from Rhode Island explains this shot of her daughter: "Waiting to pick her sister up from school, she liked the way the air conditioner blew her bangs up and wanted to take a picture of her stamp on her nose from Little Gym."

  • Kristen A.

    Art as Distraction

    Kristen A. sets up this image: "Allowed my son to take selfies while waiting at urgent care after an unfortunate accident with a toilet."

  • Jaclyn F.

    Tiny World Traveler

    "Selfie at the Cristo in Rio ... Crazy boy," says mom Jaclyn F. from New Jersey.

  • Jessica B.

    Fight Club

    Mom Jessica B. explains this touching photo: "My favorite selfie my daughter (on the left) has taken recently with her best friend who is fighting cancer!"

  • Lorena J.

    Face Time

    Thanks to Lorena J. from Texas for sharing this LOL selfie of her daughter.

  • Melissa N.

    Silly Success

    Thank you to Melissa N. for sharing this goofy shot of her kiddo!

  • Patty Q.

    Encounters of the Cute Kind

    Patty Q. we love this closeup of your cuddly cutie Siniya!

  • Angie R.

    Funny Farm

    Angie R. shared this unique shot, but um, who is taking the selfie?

  • Angela H.

    Hamming It Up

    Angela H., thanks for the laugh on this one!

  • Farah R.

    Selfie Sweetness

    Farah R. from Florida says, "This is my other daughter Jailyn. She has down syndrome and is 6 years old. She loves to take selfies."

  • Heather H.

    Selfie Sisters Style

    "My girls taking a selfie after putting lipstick on," says Heather H.

  • Susan T.

    Me, Magnified

    Susan T., your "big" guy sure knows how to rock a selfie!

  • Tasha B.

    Eyes Wide Open

    Mom Tasha B. proclaims, "Keira Loves taking selfies."

  • Ayla E.

    Model in the Midwest

    Ayla E. from Kansas says, "Styling and profiling! Aubrey here in Topeka Ks!!!"

  • Jenny S.

    Mini Me Mugging

    "She even makes her doll take selfies," says Jenny S. from Florida.

  • Tracey J.

    Pooch Pic

    Tracey J. from the U.K. says, "My 12 year old son and his best friend!"

  • Tristana W.

    Baby Close-up

    Tristana W. explains, "My 9 month old playing with my phone."