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The Funniest Notes Our Kids Have Written

Photo courtesy of Karin C.

When my daughter was about 4 years old, she wrote her first note to me. It was a giant picture of a cat, with her name and mine both scribbled on the tummy. It wasn't exactly Tina Fey–level funny in anyone's opinion—except mine. I thought it was comedic genius (a cat! That actually could have been a dog...) but then again, I'm her mom.

Often kids' notes are more hilarious than anything a comedy writer could come up with, and not just to their own parents (or was the cat a bear?). Just check out these adorable, laugh-out-loud gems from some of our readers:

"Can I have one cat please?"—Julie D., who says, "My daughter left a note to the mailman. She's been checking the mailbox every day!"

"I love you, want brownies." —Vivian L.

"As educators, you get some funny notes. I got one that said, 'Dear Mrs. La due, you are really nice to me ever when I am annoying.'" — Erin L.

"My son wanted money in advance from the tooth fairy for teeth he had not lost yet."—Norma D.

"When I was a kid, I wrote this to my mom: 'I want one story and one cotol. Only then I will go to sleep.'" — Cassandra R.

" Mother's Day cards my kid had to write what she loved about me and she wrote that she loves when I smack her with a spoon softly. Thank goodness she added softly... lol."—Kassie A.

"My Valentine from my son this year included the line, 'There's obviously nothing wrong with you.' I mean, no one had ever put it like THAT before!" — Jessica H.

"My 8yr old son found my 4 yr olds 'journal' he wrote this in [it] : Dear Sophia, Marcus was reading your diary, it was all Marcus, by Marcus love Marcus."—Carrie C.

"This is the day that we give stuff to you for everything you do for us! Love you Dad!!!"—Miso G.

Meanwhile, my now 7-year-old is still cracking me up with her notes. When we took her to a hotel overnight for her birthday, she wrote this in a thank you card: "Staying in a hothell was a grate surprise." Glad it wasn't really a hot hell!

What is the funniest note your kids have written to you?