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'I'm So Pregnant' Parody of Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' Goes Viral

With more than 5 million views in less than a month, "I'm So Pregnant," a parody of Iggy Azalea's No. 1 hit "Fancy," is something that moms everywhere can relate to.

Meg Resnikoff, a mother of three and co-founder of WhatsUpMoms, starred in "I'm So Pregnant" just weeks before giving birth to her son Ryder on June 17. It's safe to say Resnikoff was definitely not making up the third-trimester feelings mentioned in the video.

"First thing's first; I'm the roundest," Resnikoff raps at the beginning of the video. "They don't ask, but the whole world feel it, and I pee every 10 seconds. I cannot bend down, that would defy the laws of physics."

Throughout the video and with the help of references from the 1990s comedy "Clueless," Resnikoff hilariously gives viewers a look at the challenges that come along with pregnancy, such as exhaustion, nausea, heartburn, hunger, frequent trips to the bathroom, and giving up such things as sushi and alcohol.

Resnikoff says her least favorite part about pregnancy was having strangers touch her belly, which was one of the first things mentioned in the video. However, she always looked forward to a trip to the doughnut shop after each doctor's visit.

Now, let's sing along...

"I'm so pregnant. You already know. I'm in the last month. I can't even see my toes. I'm so pregnant. Can't fit any clothes. Don't ask me the name, I don't know."