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Parents Ink: Moms and Dads Show Off Their Tattoos Honoring Their Kids

  • Courtesy of Kimberly B.

    "I got this to symbolise the strength and protection that comes from being a mother. My kids names are underneath." — Kimberly B. from Normanville, South Australia

  • Courtesy of Shannon G.

    "My girls." — Shannon G. from Rialto, California

  • Courtesy of Nicole S.

    " "I love you to the moon and back" Bigger star represents me, smaller star is my daughter. It's fresh ink!" — Nicole S. from Bloomfield, New Jersey

  • Courtesy of Mandy F.

    "Roman numerals of the year my son was born." — Mandy F. from Attleboro, Massachusetts

  • Courtesy of Kristie M.

    "Our birthstone colors... Hubs, me, 2 kids #tattoo" — Kristie M. from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


  • Courtesy of Matt Y.

    Matt Y. from Toledo, Ohio

  • Courtesy of Carl F.

    Carl F. from Rocky Point, New York

  • Courtesy of Josh S.

    Josh S. from Port Saint Lucie, Florida

  • Courtesy of Debbie D.

    "These feet belong to my sweet girl. She was stillborn on her due date 8.5 years ago. She never had a chance to walk on her own in this life, but now she walks with me, everywhere I go." — Debbie D. from Drifting, Pennsylvania

  • Courtesy of Miso G.

    "Now that some luv yo." — Miso G. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Courtesy of Chad J.

    Chad J.

  • Courtesy of Sandra H.

    "My daughter's birth sign (Pisces)." — Sandra H. from Issaquah, Washington

  • Courtesy of Heather-Louise J.

    "My husband's favourite chess piece on his thigh with our sons name." — Heather-Louise J. from Surrey, British Columbia

  • Courtesy of Jackie B.

    "Each flower represents the month my 3 children were born. The big pink flower is for me and the small black butterfly resting my my flower represents the baby I miscarried. It is my favorite tattoo I have and I also get compliments from strangers all the time on how beautiful it is!" — Jackie B. from Pleasant Valley, New York

  • Courtesy of Kasey M.

    Kasey M.

  • Courtesy of Stephenie N.

    "A tribute to our daughter who passed away at 3 months old due to brain cancer." — Stephenie N. from Lincoln Park, Michigan

  • Courtesy of Amy C.

    "My husband has our daughters' first self portraits and autographs." — Amy C.

  • Courtesy of Molly B.

    "Me and her daddy love the movie Wall-E. When we found out we where having a girl we named her Eva." — Molly B. from Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Courtesy of Ted C.

    "Our kids names on top." — Ted C.