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10 Reasons Moms are Never on Time

No, moms shouldn't get a get-out-of-jail-free pass on any and all things in life, but they should be cut a little slack when it comes to being late. Punctuality and moms don't typically mix—and, when you have kids of your own, you know the REAL reasons why:

Just as moms put their car in reverse to pull out of the driveway, one of their kids haaaas to go potty.


Moms spend 20 minutes looking for their other shoe...which happens to be in the oven of their child's play kitchen. Of course, it is.


The only keys they can find are giant, colorful plastic ones on a big white ring.

Not Sorry Feminism

Moms need time to get the spit-up/baby food/[insert other unpleasant, sticky substance] out of their hair.


Despite ignoring the dog for basically all of their young lives, the kids suddenly become entranced by him when it's time to leave. Lord help the moms who try to tear them away from their beloved pet.

Dose of Funny

Moms forget how to work their shower. It's been a while.

Daily Bruin

If moms are going somewhere alone, they have to carve out a good chunk of time to allow their children to guilt trip them for leaving the house. (Typically, said guilt is in the form of crying and/or physically wrapping one's self around the mother's leg.)

Happily Unmarried

The children seem to have magically outgrown all of their shoes overnight.


Moms are too busy figuring out how to delete photos on Instagram, as their kids just posted a picture of them going to the bathroom. Awesome.


After refusing to eat all day, any and all children suddenly find themselves ravenous the minute it's time to walk out the door. And, no. A granola bar will not do. Got any duck confit handy?

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