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Twitter Handles Every Mom Should Follow

Handle: @Mom101

What it's all about: Liz Gumbinner writes hilariously candid musings on parenthood that every mom can relate to.

Why moms will love it: It's impossible not to laugh—and identify—with tweets like, "Parenting: Getting into bed to discover 3 seashells, a Beanie Boo, and a whole banana, and thinking nothing of it."

Handle: @UrbanMommies

What it's all about: From fashion tips to killer deals on family travel, Jill Amery dishes on everything the modern mama wants to know.

Why moms will love it: Not only does Amery share all of her money-saving tips for families, she does it with a side of compassion. Amery brings awareness to issues, such as women's violence and online bullying, to her 15,000 followers.

Handle: @FunnyIsFamily

What it's all about: Amy Flory was voted one of Mashable's "Funniest Moms on Twitter" for a reason—practically every one of her tweets is LOL-worthy.

Why moms will love it: Although Flory's slightly snarky tweets predominately focus on parenthood, her breath-of-fresh-air feed runs the gamut of random hilariousness. "Sorry I was late to work," she writes. "My Fitbit battery was dead, and I refuse to take steps if I'm not getting credit for them."

Handle: @JennaWrites

What it's all about: TED speaker and author Jenna McCarthy irreverently dishes all about her kids and husband on her witty feed. Bonus: Lots of links to sweet Instagram photos of herself and her impossibly adorable family.

Why moms will love it: Author and columnist Celia Rivenbark phrased it best when she said, "If Chelsea Handler and Dr. Phil had a love child, it would be Jenna McCarthy."

Handle: @ResourcefulMom

What it's all about: From saving for college to saving for a weekend away, Amy Lupold Bair shares how to make the most of your money.

Why moms will love it: Bair holds "Twitter parties" for all of her 75,000 followers, where moms can get together to chat about important parenting topics.

Handle: @celeb_babyscoop

What it's all about: The most up-to-date gossip about celebrity parents and their tots.

Why moms will love it: It's fun to get sucked in for a few indulgent minutes when perusing this voyeuristic Twitter feed. Guilty pleasure at its finest!

Handle: @parenting

What it's all about: Jam-packed with ideas ranging from face-painting tutorials to quick and easy meals, this is a one-stop shop for all of your mom needs. (Okay, maybe we're a bit biased.)

Why moms will love it: Updated numerous times throughout the day with news and tips, Parenting's Twitter feed always has a little something for everyone.

Handle: @HonestToddler

What it's all about: "Toddlers Are A**holes" author Bunmi Laditan tweets from the perspective of a charming, precocious, entitled toddler. The result? A hilariously cheeky Twitter feed that every mom will get a kick out of.

Why moms will love it: With tweets like, "I love it how adults want three references from a babysitter but for the Ikea daycare workers a five second stare is plenty;" it's impossible not to see the funny side of parenting.

Handle: @DailyParentTip

What it's all about: The handle is as self-explanatory as it gets—each day, a helpful parenting tip or piece of advice is doled out.

Why moms will love it: From babyhood to the teenage years, moms will get parenting advice and tricks for any stage of the game—and with only one tip per day, there's no feeling overwhelmed.