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5 Exercises to Help Moms & Kids Get Moving

  • It's no surprise that on average, adults spend 50 to 70 percent of their time sitting. What's surprising is that young children are also spending more than 60 percent of their time sitting in high chairs, carriers, swings, car seats, etc. To help both moms and their kids get moving, celebrity trainer Nikki Glor, who is best known for parent-child fitness, has teamed up with Huggies and developed a series of exercises moms can easily accomplish with their young kids. Also check out these Everyday Calorie Burning Tasks.

  • Amy Sussman, Associated Press

    Mama Bear, Baby Bear

    • With knees slightly bent, bend over and place your hands shoulder width apart on the floor, so that your body is in the shape of an inverted V.
    • Walk your hands forward until you are in a plank or pushup position.
    • Then, walk your feet forward, toward your hands, until back in the inverted V position.
    • Repeat by again walking your hands forward to the plank position, almost in the motion of an inchworm.
    • Baby will mimic and bear crawl next to you with his bottom in the air.
    • Repeat 10 times.

    Benefit for baby: builds upper and lower body strength

    Benefit for mom: works upper and lower body, chest and core

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  • Amy Sussman, Associated Press

    Tick Tock Baby Rocket

    • Stand with your legs apart, holding baby under her arms in front of you, facing forward.
    • Lift your right leg off the ground and to the side, then switch position with left leg in a "tick tock" motion.
    • Next, squat down letting baby's legs touch the floor. Encourage baby to squat down with you.
    • Push off the floor as you stand up from the squat and lift baby over your head like a shooting rocket.
    • Repeat 10 times.

    Benefit for baby: helps strengthen baby's legs and rhythm capabilities

    Benefit for mom: works inner and outer thighs, biceps, shoulders and chest

  • Arielle Humphries, Arielle Humphries Photography

    Horsey Gluteus

    • Lie on the ground in sit-up position, and sit baby on your waist.
    • Keep your hands on baby's waist as you raise your bottom and waist up from the ground and then back down in a bouncing motion. Baby bounces, wiggles and works to balance on your waist.
    • Repeat 10 times.

    Benefit for baby: strengthens core, lower body and balance

    Benefit for mom: works your gluteus

  • John Konstantaras, Associated Press

    Swinging Six Pack

    • Head over to the park, a gym for little ones or anywhere that might have a safe swing for both baby and you.
    • Put baby in the swing and encourage her to pump her legs for momentum.
    • Kneel on the ground and hold the swing securely in both hands.
    • Shift your weight forward, slowly pushing and controlling the swing with your core and extending your body forward and as far out as you can.
    • Slowly return to straight position, all the while engaging your abs and encouraging baby to keep pumping their legs to move the swing as you rest before the next one.
    • Repeat until you feel the burn!

    Benefit for baby: builds quads

    Benefit for mom: works core, arms and chest

  • John Konstantaras, Associated Press

    L Stand

    • Help baby on all fours with her bottom facing a wall or mirror. Help her kick one leg back at a time against the wall or mirror.
    • Once baby has the hang of it, get down on all fours in front of a wall or mirror in an inverted V with your head away from the wall.
    • Slowly walk your feet up the wall, in a handstand position, and hold for a five count.
    • Baby won't walk up the wall like you but will wiggle and move as she puts one leg against the mirror or wall at a time. The mirror is extra fun for baby looking at herself upside down!
    • Hold for 5 seconds and slowly walk down. Repeat until you're beat!

    Benefit for baby: builds baby's upper body strength and cognitive development

    Benefit for mom: works upper body and balance