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Fitbit Flex Helps Busy Moms Keep Tabs on Wellness


Moms tend to take care of everyone else before they take care of themselves. While managing kids' schedules, work, home maintenance and everything else, moms' own fitness and wellness goals can fall by the wayside. Luckily, products like the Fitbit Flex can make it easier for busy moms to keep track of daily activities.

Wearable fitness is trendy right now, and Fitbit has been leading the charge. Their Flex product lets you track your steps taken, activity levels, caloric intake, sleep patterns and distance traveled. Whether you are interested in merely logging your daily motions or wanting to more actively set goals for yourself, Fitbit Flex gives you the autonomy to do both.

Using a simple setup process, Fitbit asks for your personal information, height, weight, and so on. and then customizes your needs and goals, whether you want to lose weight or walk a certain distance every day. Light and vibration indicators subtly congratulate you when you reach goals, and you can sync it with the complementary mobile app and desktop view to get a full overview of your activity levels and sleep patterns. (If little ones frequently wake you up in the night, it can be startling to see how little sleep you get!)

The app is automatically synced via Bluetooth technology whenever it senses the Flex nearby, and it has a dongle that you can plug into a USB port on your computer to sync automatically to your PC. You get instant and real-time information on your daily health and wellness goals. You can set new goals anytime and, to encourage healthy competition, also challenge family and friends who use Fitbit products.

The band is waterproof, and depending on which of the many colors available that you choose, it can also be nondescript. The new violet Fitbit Flex may not be as subtle as the black option, but it is certainly a fun springy color that will add a splash of color to any wardrobe. The new Tory Burch designs are coming later this spring.

The Fitbit Flex is available for $99.95.