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Mother Arrested for Drinking a Beer While Breastfeeding


An Arkansas woman was arrested, thrown in jail and charged with endangering the welfare of a child after breastfeeding her baby while drinking a beer.

Charges against Tasha Adams, a 28-year-old mother of three, have been dropped over lack of evidence that she had endangered her child.

"If I'm drunk, I feel, you know, that I'm not able to take care of my kids," Adams says. "I wish they would've given me a breathalyzer so it could be proven."

The main issue seemed to be not that Adams could have been too impaired to care for her children, but the fact that she was drinking alcohol while breastfeeding, which could potentially be extremely harmful for the child.

Jackie Conners, a waitress at Gusano's Pizzaria, reported that when she came into work she saw Adams with multiple drinks. Conners phoned her mother for advice, who encouraged her to call the police. Conners lost her job over the incident but says that she wouldn't change her decision. "If I was ever in that situation again, I would do the same thing because that baby couldn't speak up for itself," she says.

It's unclear just how much alcohol gets into a mother's breast milk while drinking, but other measures can be taken for moms that want to drink.

For example, mothers can pump breast milk in advance and buy test strips to screen the purity of their milk.

"Moderate consumption, which really means once in a while to consume a drink, probably will not do any harm for the baby," Dr. Jennifer Ashton says. "But we have to remember that alcohol is a toxin. It's especially toxic to the newborn's brain, to the developing brain."

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