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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Embracing the Great Outdoors

  • From Keepin' Up With the Smiths

    Keepin' Up With the Smiths
    Nothing says warm weather like trying out the swing set after dinner. Amy at mommy blog Keepin' Up With the Smiths made sure her little man got a good dose of sunshine over the weekend. After reading over their list of activities, we feel like we need a nap!

  • From Baby by Oakley

    Baby by Oakley
    In an action-packed family vacation, the Oakleys were all over Minneapolis, Minn. Mackenzie of Baby by Oakley, along with her husband and daughter, walked the city, saw notable shops and stops, enjoyed the Minnesota Children's Museum and even took in a baseball game.

  • From Mommy Hiker

    Mommy Hiker
    Jennifer, the voice behind Mommy Hiker, and her 3-year-old daughter went exploring at Point Lobos Nature Reserve, and their engaging and picturesque adventure has us dreaming of our own afternoon of discovery. The duo saw crashing waves, rocky beaches, endangered trees and everything in between.

  • From It's Always Sonny

    It's Always Sonny
    Shelby, writer of the mommy blog It's Always Sonny, and her family love the city park. Specifically, her toddler-aged son loves to run free and try all the equipment. Slides and swings, ducks and snow cones; spring is alive every time they make a trip to the park.

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    High Heels and Training Wheels
    Also attending the park, High Heels and Training Wheels' Farah has a few thoughts on the phrase "kids will be kids." Sometimes kids need to release some energy and you can't stop them from exuberant physical play; hey, kids will be kids. But when another child throws your child to the ground at the playground and tries to grab your child by the throat, and the other parent shrugs it off by saying "Kids will be kids"? As Farah says, "No ... your kid's a jerk." Farah adds, "'The phrase 'kids will be kids' releases parents from any obligation of actually having to remedy the poor behavior.... Someday these kids will be adults, and no one says, 'Adults will be adults,' do they?"

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