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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Kids' Activities and Toys

  • Kids and Cabernet
    Sometimes energetic kids just need to be placed in an open area to run around. It's even better when the big area has trampolines, bars to swing from and a lot of foam safety mats. Amanda, of Kids and Cabarnet, recently enrolled her children in gymnastics, which is creating fun—and sleepy—results.

  • From Dirt Cheap Decor

    Dirt Cheap Decor
    OK, so this isn't a mommy post; it's an aunt post, and it's too cute to pass up! Every kid loves to play with toy kitchens, and this DIY version from Leigh at Dirt Cheap Decor is both adorable and child-appropriate. The size is perfect for small hands, and you can make yours to fit your child. Bonus: The felt food is amazing in detail and safe for sibling play—getting hit in the head with a plastic fried egg is no laughing matter.

  • From Bower Power

    Bower Power
    When it comes to birthday gifts that will last, this family takes the cape...we mean, cake. Katie, writer at Bower Power, and her family got the birthday boy a bunch of superhero costumes, which, as shown in this picture, went over Marvel-ously (see what we did there). The party also featured super snacks and a bounce house/wet slide combo.

  • From Momma Bish

    Momma Bish
    For the more ambitious, take a road trip to visit family you don't see often with just the baby! Although it's a bit of work, it isn't as terrifying as it sounds. Emily, voice behind Momma Bish, took a spontaneous road trip with her 11-month-old son. There's nothing like bonding with little ones while catching up with the rest of the family.

  • From A Morning Grouch

    A Morning Grouch
    Apparently, being a parent takes up a lot, or all, of your time. Everyone has a schedule, kids have activities, and at some point, you need a chance to recharge. Christine, blogger of A Morning Grouch, wrote this now viral post about not having time to hang out with people anymore and why they shouldn't take it personally. Read it and realize that sometimes parents need an anti-activity.