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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Learning and Milestones

  • From ABC's to ACT's

    From ABC's to ACT's
    Amber is a preschool teacher turned SAHM, homeschooler, and blogger at From ABC's to ACT's. In a recent post, she discusses the educational benefits of puzzles in early childhood education. Your kids can have fun and build skills while putting these brain-teasers together.

  • From Zealous Mom

    Zealous Mom
    Math is a tough subject for many kids once they get to school. Susanna at Zealous Mom has a great list of activities to help kids develop an early foundation in math concepts. These games and exercises range from basic to interactive.

  • From Krystal's Kitsch

    Krystal's Kitsch
    Jennifer from Mommy Life After Ph.D. wrote a guest post on Krystal's Kitsch featuring educational toys for children. She went back to basics with this list: All of the toys are non-electronic.

  • From Northern Exposure

    Northern Exposure
    Northern Exposure's Shayla discusses the evolution of babies' sleep patterns over their first few months of life. She talks through her daughter's transition month-to-month. Shayla also explains why her daughter's sleep habits have regressed.

  • From Hand and the Heart

    Hand and the Heart
    Breastfeeding is a difficult and draining process (pun intended). Andrea at Hand and the Heart provides readers with a look back at her nursing journey. She talks about the good and bad, joy and sadness, support, and eventual weaning.