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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Sharing Advice

  • From Happy Kids, Inc.

    Happy Kids, Inc.
    Last week, we featured mommy bloggers trying to survive the first few weeks of summer, but Meg, voice of Happy Kids, Inc., goes more in-depth on the topic by tackling what she calls "Adjustment Day." Her four practical tips can make all the difference for parents who are adjusting to summer vacation.

  • Light Bulb Parenting
    Over at Light Bulb Parenting, readers can find five ways to deal with defiance. Our favorite tip from the list works for both kids and parents: using "cool downs" instead of time-outs, so everyone can calm down before talking about the bad behavior. What are your methods for dealing with the newly independent stages?

  • From Superheroes in Jammies

    Superheroes in Jammies
    Stephanie at Superheroes in Jammies lists five tips for dealing with a picky eater, which is based on her experience trying to get her oldest son, now 2, to eat. The tip that can go a long way for the families of picky eaters: Keep trying!

  • From Imperfect

    Would you like to be a stay-at-home mom or dad? Then Emily's post on Imperfect is a must-read. Using her family's experience moving to a single income, she provides advice and insight into transitioning from working full time outside the home to working part time from home, and then to staying home full time.

  • From Newly Woodwards

    Newly Woodwards
    You can find several blogs telling you how to budget correctly. But Kim, writer of Newly Woodwards, digs into her family's experiences with budgeting to show readers four ways to fail at budgeting.