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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Something for Everyone

  • Undercover DIYer

    Undercover DIYer
    What do you give someone in the hospital besides best wishes? The crafty mom behind Undercover DIYer has a simple basket you can put together to help a loved one get through a hospital stay with a few comforts of home.

  • Shakespeare's Mom
    Everyone loves a good round of "kids say the craziest things." Kate, aka Shakespeare's Mom, wrote about all the ways she has been wrong in the past week, according to her 3-year-old daughter. Between the toddler's remarks and Kate's writing, we couldn't decide who was funnier.

  • Adoption Love

    Adoption Love
    On behalf of herself and her daughter, "Squeaks," Kristen at Adoption Love gave a heartfelt "thank you" to women who donate breast milk. These women pump and freeze milk to provide for adopted children and women who aren't able to breastfeed but wish to do so. Kristen also has tips on how to make this work if you're looking for a donor or wish to donate.

  • Polka-Dotty Place

    Polka-Dotty Place
    Guest books can be tricky. You don't really want to keep a list of signatures, but you want to remember who came to your event. Whitney, writer at Polka-Dotty Place, came up with an adorable compromise for her daughter's first birthday party. She found a fun middle ground that allows for memory-keeping and also is easy to keep for years to come.

  • Illy Who

    Illy Who
    Short on time (or ideas) when it comes to a Father's Day gift this year? Ileana of Illy Who has a quick, easy craft you'll want to try out ASAP. Modge podge handprints are a perfect keepsake, plus they have the added benefit of sentimental value.